The BOSMA Family

English Introduction

This site gives information about the BOSMA family, origin­ally coming from the village of Eastermar (Friesian, Dutch: Ooster­meer), Friesland, Netherlands. The oldest ancestor found is An­dries Clazes, who in 1726 married Pytje Jacobs.

One can find particulars about the Bosma's in the section Fami­lybook. Since the Family Archives contain lots of infor­mation about the history of the village of Eastermar, there is also a section 'Documentation of Eastermar'.

The language used on the site is Dutch, occiasionally Friesian. We hope that family members living in the United States and Cana­da (and there are quite a lot of them), can figure out at least a little about their lineage as descendants from Andries Clazes and Pytje Jacobs. The best way to start the search is by going in Hoofdstuk 1 (Chapter 1) to Tak A (Branch A) and then take a look at the overview of the Generations 1 to 8. In the 8th Generation they will find themsel­ves. The data given there are very basic: we take in ac­count that privicay is a trea­sured value. Visit also the 7th Gene­ration: there are pictures under the button 'Beeldmateri­aal'.

About a family coat of arms, we never found one mentioned in the archi­ves. Yet you see the Bosma coat of arms on the main menu of the site. Easy to explain: we designed one, something quite a few fami­lies do nowadays.

The description reads as follows:


I. The Friesian half eagle, coming from the division line, black on gold;

II. In silver a red beam, on which a bunch of grapes in gold, without leaves; above - an acorn and cap, without leaves, completely in green; below - a foliage tree, completely in green.

A helm and a helmet-sign: a green clover-leaf, with three outgoing ears of corn in gold.

          Helmet-cloth and knot: red, with white lining.

Right of use: This coat of arms - also in the style wit­hout helmet, helmet-sign and knot, then with a farmerscrown in gold, with red lining on the inside of the plain headband and three leaves - may be used by the descendants of Andries Klazes, married 1726 Pytje Jacobs.

Design: E. Bosma, Wageningenstraat 18, 2152 AN Nieuw-Vennep and J. Bosma, Spoorstraat-Zuid 50, 9602 AA Hoogezand. Drawing: S. Bosma, van Hasseltlaan 498, 2625 JG Delft.

Explanation: The Friesian half eagle refers to the Friesian roots. The acorn (reproduced here as the one on the village-flag of Eastermar) symbolizes the small earthen tree-planted walls around the meadows and arable land, common around the village of Easter­mar.

The founder of the family was an inn-keeper (and a lock-keeper) at Skûlenboarch (Dutch: Schuilenburg) near Eastermar. This is symboli­zed by the bunch of grapes.

His direct offsprings in Eastermar were most modest farmers, hence the ears of corn and the clover-leaf as helmet-sign.

The family name BOSMA, most likely derived from the very woody surroundings of Eastermar of those days, was officially regis­tered in 1811. This is symbolized by the foliage tree.